Evil Eye Lucky Hoops
Evil Eye Lucky Hoops
Evil Eye Lucky Hoops

Evil Eye Lucky Hoops

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These hoops have a few little evil eyes, in selected colors by its meaning, to bring protection in various ways.

  • Meanings by color:
  • Orange: motivation for commitment.
  • Green: balance in your life.
  • Red: courage, enthusiasm, and energy.
  • Black: power and protection.
  • Turquoise: protection, peace, and good luck.
  • White: clear obstacles, focus, to start fresh.

Product details:

  • The hoops are gold plated over brass.
  • The size of the hoop opening is 1.5 inches, and the eyes vary by style but are in red, black, turquoise, white, orange, and green eyes painted on enamel about o.25 inches each.
  • Each earring weighs approximately 0.2 Oz.

Add one of our evil eye designs to your outfit every day to repeal bad energies, and attract good luck.

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    Mannaz Designs create jewelry to transform how a woman feels when she wears it. Our principal reason is that you feel full of positive energy, good vibes, and empowered when you wear our designs.


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