Boho Evil Eye Bracelets
Boho Evil Eye Bracelets

Boho Evil Eye Bracelets

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Independent and successful women always attract attention, and sometimes jealous glances may be hovering.

Add these bracelets to your outfit to feel protected and plenty of good vibes.

  • Made of fabric, each cord of the bracelet ends with a small thread colorful tassel.
  • Adjustable bracelets with sliding bead to fit any wrist size
  • The metal finish of the bracelets is silver plated, and the Eye is in cubic zirconia crystals.

Feel protected adding these bracelets to your outfit every day to repeal bad energies, and attract good luck.

Why choose us?

Mannaz designs

Mannaz Designs create jewelry to transform how a woman feels when she wears it. Our principal reason is that you feel full of positive energy, good vibes, and empowered when you wear our designs.


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